My Kind Of Yellow!

Lord, Lord, Lord…  Sometimes that’s all I can say.


And that is enough.  No… it is more than enough.

I have been struggling lately.  Not choosing well.  Letting down my guard.  Letting my flesh and the enemy have their way with me.

I drew another Line In The Sand today.  I have drawn such lines before.  I expect I will need to draw such lines again in the future.

Because I have not yet “arrived.”  Walking by Faith and Living in Freedom are daily challenges and opportunities.  Apart from You, Lord, I can do nothing.  Yet, empowered by Your Spirit, I must still do my part.

Thanks to You, Lord, at least I seem to be making forward progress.  Three steps forward, one step back.  Instead of the reverse.

There’s one thing that keeps me in a perpetual state of awe, Lord.  The Fact that You are always right here.  Accepting me.  Reassuring me.  Encouraging me.  Exhorting me.

Loving me enough to meet me wherever I am.  Loving me enough to never leave me there.

Like today.

We are having the outside of our house painted by a professional.  A once-in-a-decade “must do.”  In order to help maintain the beauty and value of this asset.

Our house is already painted yellow.  I love its cheerfulness!  It reminds me of sunshine — and Sonshine.

We wanted to match the existing color, but found it really hard to choose the right color from a paper swatch.  We had narrowed it to two options.

Our painter saw our choices and wisely recommended we get a sample of each.  He offered to paint those samples on a small patch of wall, so we could actually see them in place before we decided.

We saw them on Saturday.  Yikes!!!

One looked like a school bus!  Our house would have become a neon dot visible from a satellite orbiting the earth!

The other was much better.  Brighter than what we now have, but better than the other. Not perfect… but better.  So we authorized the painter to buy it and to be ready to start painting today.

For the last two days, I have had “Buyer’s Remorse.”  Every time I saw the color, I reaffirmed that it was OK.  Just OK.  I didn’t want to hold up progress, so I didn’t say anything.  I was willing to live with it.  After all, it would fade over time… right?

But You knew all the reservations in my heart… didn’t You, Lord?  And You were not willing to let me “just live with” less than the best choice for my house.

Just like You were not willing to let me “just live with” less the best choice for my life.

So this morning, You helped me draw The New Line In The Sand.  I felt loved and blessed. Hopeful.  Glad and grateful for this New Beginning.

Then, the painter showed up.  How could I possibly have guessed what he would say???

The paint we had chosen was for interior use only.  He had selected an alternative — an exterior sample close to what we had chosen.  He had already painted it on a patch of wall when he asked us to come and take a look.

I walked outside and said, “OK.  Where is it?”  He said, “Right there, in front of you.”

I could hardly believe it.  I couldn’t see it… because it was a perfect match!!!

When I told him so, he told me the color’s name:  GLAD YELLOW.

Of course it was!

“I will be GLAD and rejoice in Your love, for You saw my affliction and knew the anguish of my soul.  You have not given me into the hands of my enemy but have set my feet in a spacious place.”  (Psalm 31:7-8)

“Today is the day the Lord has made.  Let us rejoice and be GLAD in it!”  (Psalm 118:24)


Abba’s Girl


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