No one can deny a “Macro-Miracle” like the parting of the Red Sea, Lord.

When Your people were on the verge of destruction.  Backed up against an impenetrable barrier — the Red Sea — with the Egyptian army bearing down on them.  Until You penetrated what was otherwise impenetrable.  And they moved across on dry land!

But what about Your “Micro-Miracles,” Lord?  The little things that are also Divinely-orchestrated. Little Gifts that help us become more aware of Your abiding Presence… in even the details of Life.

Like the one You gave me this morning!   🙂

I was enjoying a wonderful time of fellowship with You, Lord.  In the predawn darkness, before the world had awakened.  Listening to Your Word.  Praying.  Singing praise songs to You from my heart. Songs like, “Above All” and “Blessed Redeemer” and “Embrace the Cross.”  

All about the Ultimate Macro-Miracle.  Your Gift to us of Yourself.  On the Cross.

“God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”  (Romans 5:8)

I was in a puddle by the time I finished singing these beautiful lyrics that speak of Your Beautiful Gift. A puddle of tears.  Tears of profound… GRATITUDE.

I went to my computer.  So many emails!  Many are from sources I know, yet I rarely take time to read them.  I file them for future reference.  Once such source sends me words of prophecy.  Three or more a day!

This morning, I did my usual:  Click and file each prophecy. Without even reading the titles.  Suddenly, You whispered to me:  “You should at least read the titles.”  In the next moment, a new prophecy arrived.  So I read the title before filing it.

“One of the Most Powerful Weapons:  GRATITUDE.”

You’re kidding… right?!  Just over two weeks ago, I presented that same topic to 160 women: “GRATITUDE — The Ultimate Secret Weapon” !!! 

I read the first paragraph.  A testimony.  The author and her husband were in a restaurant.  A group of men were seated at a nearby table.  Drunk, loud, boisterous men. Belligerent men. Cowering everyone in the restaurant (and ruining their dinner).

Your love for those men invaded the author’s heart, overcoming her irritation.  She went to their table and declared, “Gentlemen, Jesus loves you and I’m going to pray for you.  Let’s take hands.”  Stunned, they held hands.  Her prayer was brief — thanking You and asking Your blessing on them, their families and their work. After the amen, they (and everyone else) were speechless.

Your Love had produced Gratitude — and that strategic weapon had restored Peace!

Of the scores of prophecies I have filed unread in recent weeks, this is the one You had me notice?!  Had I not read the title, I would have missed it altogether!

Oh, Abba… How I love Your Micro-Miracles!!!

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change…”  (James 1:17)


Abba’s Girl




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