Lord Who Solves Every Riddle

What has no teeth, but lots of “bites”?
What has no mouth, but won’t stop talking?  🙂
What has no feet, but runs fast enough to reach the whole world in the blink of an eye?

Answer:  Your NEW WEBSITE for the work You are calling me to do, Lord — Champions of Destiny!

By Your Abundant and Amazing Grace, THE BABY HAS BEEN BORN… TODAY!!!  “She” is alive and “well” (i.e., working as designed, as far as I can tell)!  And I am still breathless, after the long labor leading up to — and through — her delivery!  🙂

As happens to some “mothers-to-be,” I actually saw “her” in the dream You gave me last Fall.  I had asked You for a visual representation of the work You are calling me to do… and You showed me a beautiful butterfly.  I love this symbol, because it so captures the amazing transformation You have in store for each one of us… as You reveal the unique purpose You have ordained for us and as You release us to fulfill that purpose!

Nine months ago, this new “baby” — Champions of Destiny — was conceived.  And ever since, she has been growing in the “womb” of Your Gracious Love and Steadfast Protection.  More than once, You have had to fend off attacks by the enemy as he sought to abort her.  But he was no match for YOU, Abba!

“No weapon forged against you will prevail and you will refute every tongue that accuses you.  This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and this is their vindication from Me, declares the Lord.”  (Isaiah 54:17)

This blog began earlier, in April 2011, as You led me into the Valley of the Shadow of breast cancer.  It began when I was acutely aware that my remaining life on Earth could prove to be very short, indeed.  But You kept me here, You kept me writing… and You keep me writing still.  Calling me to this “assignment” I had never imagined I would ever be doing.  This assignment that I did (and do) in obedience to You, trusting You have Your reasons for prompting these thoughts and for committing them to “paper.”

Only You, Lord, know the number of times I have been ready to stop writing… thinking You surely must be bringing this season of writing to a close.  Yet every time, sometimes even on the very day I was about to stop, You sent me a clear word of encouragement from someone who did not know my doubts.  And Your message was always the same:  “Keep writing.”  So I have, Lord… and I will.  Until You say it is time to stop.

You know my heart, Lord, is that my life would count as much as possible for You for however long You leave me on the planet.  So I continue to lay these posts on the altar of my heart, as another offering of worship to You… trusting You will use them to make the kind of difference only You can make in the life of anyone who may read them.

What difference will all of this have made for You, Lord, when all is said and done?  That, too, is a Riddle You will answer one day — The Day when we finally stand together, face-to-face.  Until then, please receive this post —  every post — from my heart to Yours… and milk it for all it’s worth to You, for eternity’s sake!

“May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in Your sight, Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.”  (Psalm 19:14)

With all my love,

Abba’s Girl

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