Land of The Free Because of The Brave

This blog is about to change… radically.

When I started writing, I was entering the Valley of the Shadow of Cancer. This blog became an opportunity for readers to “eavesdrop” on my personal relationship with the Lord as He and I traversed that Valley together.

By God’s grace, I am now cancer-free (!) … but our culture is not. There’s a different kind of cancer spreading through America. A cancer attacking one of the liberties I cherish most — Religious Liberty. Do you see it, too?

What is Religious Liberty? The free expression and exercise of our faith in any and all areas of life. Why is this important? Especially for Christians? It isn’t just because we want to worship the Lord without interference. It is also because of the high calling Jesus has for all who follow Him.

He calls us His Ambassadors… Ministers of Reconciliation… Spirit-empowered Witnesses not only in our own “Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria,” but also to the ends of the earth. Our one-and-only life is only a “blip” on the radar screen of Eternity. Yet Jesus calls us to make the most of every opportunity — in the spheres of influence He has appointed for us — to love and lead people to Him.

Some say we are at a Tipping Point in America… and that our Religious Liberty is at stake. Religious Persecution — i.e., “hostility or ill-treatment because of religious beliefs” — is significantly on the rise. And although this trend impacts people of any faith, Christians — by far — face the brunt of this assault.

The hour is URGENT. Some legal experts assert that, in as few as five years, we could see the demise of Religous Liberty in our nation… OR, it’s vibrant restoration.

Who or what will make the difference? People of faith, empowered with knowledge, practical strategies and the courage to stand.

Because despite decades of assault — evidenced by judicial activism, liberty-hostile legislation, and the secularization of education, media, government and much of corporate culture — the law is still decisively on the side of religious freedom.

Do you believe as I do — that this freedom is worth defending and advancing, come what may? If so, this blog may become your “go to” place for Learning and Leverage… especially if you are a Christian leader in business — the next great mission field for Christ.

Each MONDAY, I will write about Kingdom PURPOSE — the “why” and “how” business trailblazers are seeking to advance God’s kingdom in the marketplace and stand firm in a culture of compromise.

Each WEDNESDAY, I will focus on Kingdom PERSECUTION — who is opposing Religious Liberty in the marketplace and why, and how they are going about it.

Each FRIDAY will be about Kingdom POWER — lessons we can learn from battle-tested business leaders… and resources we can access, individually and collectively, to help us all lead more powerfully and impactfully for Christ in an increasingly challenging marketplace.

Let’s TALK… and then WALK OUR TALK… while we still can.

What do you think about what I’ve said so far? Please post your comments below. Let’s learn from, strengthen, and encourage each other!

Diana Furr — a.k.a., Abba’s Girl

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