Fire-Up Friday!

I heard from a dear brother-in-Christ today. Friday — the day I post about lessons we can learn from godly, courageous leaders and resources we can access. To help us mobilize Kingdom POWER as we face our increasingly challenging, post-Christian culture.

Maybe I should call this Fire-Up Friday. Because, as a result of what my dear brother suggested, I’m fired up!  Maybe you will be, too.

My brother is the leader of an international ministry. A man after God’s own heart, who walks with Him in the cool of the day. As a trusted friend. There’s more… In the Lord’s Army, he would be considered a five-star general.

But today, he was running on empty.

He’s been battling pneumonia which, so far, has been winning. He’s taking megadoses of antibiotics, waiting for them to turn the tide of this skirmish. Meanwhile, his imminent (and highly-anticipated) ministry trip to a foreign land must be postponed. So, he was “celebrating” with a pity party.

Until the Lord, his Trusted Friend, showed up… with a Reminder. A Reminder that changed his whole outlook. Why am I not surprised that this Reminder was all about tapping into Kingdom POWER?

He was in God’s Word. He came across a particular verse…  and a prompting from the Lord that he was supposed to camp out there for awhile.

“Glory in His holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice.”  (Psalm 105:3)

As my brother meditated on this verse, he remembered a song, “Praise His Holy Name.” He looked it up on the Internet and found it on YouTube. By the time he finished listening and singing, he was in tears.

He still had the pneumonia. He wasn’t miraculously healed. But his spirit was lifted… and the pity party was over. In the Lord’s Presence, everything had changed. 

So what’s our takeaway regarding Kingdom POWER?

The Lord is always with us, knowing our every need. Even better than we do. And He speaks to us — through His priceless Word, the Bible… through His still, small Voice as we meditate in His Presence… through the praises we sing to Him… through circumstances that defy the label “coincidence”… through others who love and seek after Him… through countless other ways…

He does this for all of us… doesn’t He? In very tangible, personal ways. Maybe you will be encouraged by the song that lifted my brother’s heart. Here’s the YouTube link that, in the midst of his seeking, led him to tears:

How about you?

What provokes your pity parties? (We’ve all had at least one… Amen?)  🙂

How has the Lord met you in your need… and transformed your self-pity into Kingdom POWER?

Please post your comments below. Maybe we can fire each other up... on this Fire-up Friday!

Diana Furr, a.k.a. Abba’s Girl

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