Did You invent the “surprise party,” Lord?

You must have.  You’re so good at surprises!!!

The other day, You and I were just “hanging out.”  Forever Friends.  Yes… BFF’s!

It was like a moment You describe in Your Word.  I could almost picture us there.

“The Lord is my Shepherd, I lack nothing.  He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside quiet waters, He refreshes my soul.”  (Psalm 23:1-3a)

It was so peaceful.  Like one of those lazy summer days that you hope will never end. Without a care in the world.

My mind drifted.  Or was it our conversation?  Thoughts began to float by.  Thoughts about this precious work You have given me.  This work You have called “Champions of Destiny.”

What does it really mean?

It is not business results coaching, nor is it organization development coaching.  I have done both of those in the past.  But this is… different.  More.  Deeply transforming work.

Lifechanging work.

It’s about discovering who we are and why we’re here.

Finding clarity about the Destiny You have ordained for us.  The one-of-a-kind difference You intend for us to make in the world.

For You.

Becoming a Champion of that Destiny.

Knowing the unique race we are in.  The race You have set before us.

Embracing that race… with passion.

Breaking free from all that hinders our race… especially the lies (and sins) that darken our path and trip us up.

Finishing that race.  Finishing well.  Running as the one who is after The Prize.

“Well done, good and faithful servant!  You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.  Come and share your Master’s happiness!”  (Matthew 25:21)

Could there be any prize more priceless???

I was pondering these thoughts — and many others — in my “altar room.”  The room where I began my day with You.  Where I laid before You a “sacrifice” of praise on the “altar” of my heart.

Until I looked up… and out the nearby window.

I couldn’t help but gasp!  What I saw was so clearly a message from You, Lord!  I could almost hear You shout “Surprise!” — with nothing but Windows 10 sheer delight in Your Voice!

What I saw was something I have never seen before.  Something that cannot be seen when the trees covering our property are full of leaves.  Something I could not have seen had I been sitting anywhere else that day.

A huge CROSS… down the hill, at the edge of our property!!!  Brightly LIT UP in the morning sunshine!!!  (The Sonshine?!)

Everything else was in shadows.  The entire hillside.  The surrounding woods.  The property across the road.  In my entire view, the only thing BRIGHTLY LIT was this CROSS!!!

Glowing like a beacon in the darkness!!!

How En-LIGHT-ening!!!   🙂

As I looked more closely, I could see it was a power pole.  The pole that brought electricity up the mountain to our house.  Connecting us to our source of power.

How appropriate!   🙂

A powerful message from The Power Source Himself!

Sent at the perfect moment.  To encourage me in the very thoughts You had led me to “ponder”!  To affirm the Life Direction You have laid out for me!

Delivered in a way that would be impossible for any human to accomplish… so there would be no mistaking its Source!

Thank You, ABBA!  For giving me precious work to do.  For giving me “eyes” to really “see” beyond what my eyes can see.  For helping me follow You by faith… wherever You lead.

So I, too, can become the Champion of the Destiny You have ordained for me!

Rocked by The Rock,

Abba’s Girl


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