How can I be so connected to You and so disconnected from the world???

Last night, I traveled to a more remote island — Current Island — with no Internet.  But it had those who were the very reason we are here in the Bahamas:  The children of Zion’s Children’s Home.

It has been WONDERFUL, Lord, to be so constantly in Your Presence — interceding and listening — every day for the last five days!  How can I communicate, much less even write down, the many ways You spoke to us???

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”  (Matthew 19:26)

And now that I’m back in Internet zone, there’s no time tonight.  It’s after 11:00 PM.  We just finished our final mission team meeting for the week, and we are packed and ready to leave first thing in the morning.

But tomorrow night, once I’m back in Avon Park, I will have TONS to post!  But Lord… where do I start???

What a wonderful “problem” to have!!!   🙂

Joyfully Yours,

Abba’s Girl

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