Chopping and Resting and…

I am DONE, Lord.

In grilling language, would that be “well done”?

NO.  It would be burned to a crisp.  Dry.  Too tough to chew.  Worthy of the trash can.

That’s how I have felt in my struggles of late.

Dry.  Dehydrated from the only Water that can quench me… Your Living Water, Lord.

Burned to a crisp by the fires of a furnace I have willingly stepped into.  Fires of lifestyle choices that have cooked all the nourishment out of me until I am nothing but ashes.

This morning, I awoke.

This morning, I rose from the ashes.

This morning, determined words filled my spirit.

I AM DONE, Lord.

I am done… settling for less than the life You have bought for me.

I am done… lying down when I should be — could be — standing up.

I am done… shaping self-indulgence into an art form.

I am done… yet I am only beginning.

“In the beginning God…”  (Genesis 1:1)

This morning I was in a jungle.  Covered by undergrowth and overgrowth gone wild.

Sitting in the dark.

Tonight, I have chopped through enough of it to see…


“You, Lord, are my lamp, the Lord turns my darkness into Light.”  (2 Samuel 22:29)

Chopping and resting…

… and chopping some more…

Abba’s Girl



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