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How could I not be a fan of the Internet? How else could I discover so many amazing Christian business owners I would have otherwise never known?

Like Hal Taussig, Founder of Untours. A successful travel agency offering independent, self-directed travel experiences around the world. Combining a little hand-holding, planning and onsite support with lots of cross-cultural connections and local color.

No five-star hotels or fancy resorts. No tour guides precisely directing your schedule, minute-by-minute. Just nice apartments, cottages or cabins that help you feel like local residents. And enough education and savvy travel tips to help you dream up and embrace your own discoveries.

If their 28 destinations in 13 countries throughout Europe don’t strike your fancy, you can try cruises of various kinds and/or adventure vacations in extraordinary places around the world.  AND

But the real story here is Hal, Untours’ Founder/CEO. Or rather, the true business Owner behind Hal.

Giants for God called Hal a “down-to-earth, anti-consumerism Christian entrepreneur.”  He and his wife, Norma, lived simply. In a small home in Media, Pennsylvania. Drying their laundry on a clothesline. Riding his bicycle everywhere since 1971, when he gave his car to a hitchhiker.

Why? Because Hal was determined to not accumulate wealth. More importantly, he was determined to invest whatever money came his way to help others.

“As I read my Bible more, I learned more about the poor… I also found out about Liberation Theology… a Catholic movement, started in Europe and first put into practice in Latin America, which puts the poor as their focal point… It kind of moved the poor to my attention.”

Enter the Untours Foundation. Which “works to alleviate poverty by providing low-interest loans or equity to individuals and organizations [worldwide] who create employment, housing and valuable goods and services in economically challenged communities.”

Friend Ben Cohen (Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream) nailed it: “What made Hal so special is that he combined real kindness and compassion with that practical business side, and that, I think, is the key to making a difference.”

Differences like…

… Homecare Associates (HA) in Philadelphia. Norma had a stroke. Insurance provided in-home nursing. Aides were paid $8.50/hour out of $19.00 their agency received. Hal imagined: What if the aides owned the agency? So they funded HA, helping many come off welfare to become nurse’s aides.

… and many enterprises around the world.

Christian business leaders often use 10% as a standard for giving. Not Hal. He lived simply… and invested 100% of Untours’ profits in the Foundation’s mission. Most Generous Company in America (according to Paul Newman and JFK, Jr. in 1999).

“I somehow felt this was where I had been led. I had all I needed… a very rewarding business… a house and a bike… I don’t think I spoke to God or anyoe else. It seemed so right. I believe that God spoke to me.”

Apparently, Hal was listening.

What say you?

Diana Furr, a.k.a. Abba’s Girl

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