A Crocus Extraordinaire!

I had a sudden memory just now, Lord.

A vivid memory from years past, when I lived where winters were frigid and, often, snowy. The memory of a crocus pushing through the frozen ground.  Emerging from under its snowy blanket, as if finally realizing it was time to Wake Up.

I remember its Breathtaking Beauty, made all the more magnificent by the contrast of its stark surroundings.  I remember its Surprising Strength.  Seemingly so delicate, yet indomitable.  Refusing to be “frozen out” of its chance to really LIVE.

Why did this memory just pop into my head, Lord… after so many years?

Maybe because, today, I talked with a human “crocus.”

She is precious in Your sight… and mine.  She has come to an awakening in her relationship with You that is breathtakingly beautiful.  And she lives in a place that is frigid, often buried with snow.

In the natural… and in the spiritual.

With her new-found Beauty and Strength, she is rising up into LIFE unlike any she has ever known.  Refusing to be “frozen out” of her chance to LIVE… and her chance to bear witness to You, Lord.

Bearing witness to Your gentle “wooing” that warmed the frozen ground around her. Bearing witness to Your Gift of growing intimacy with You.  Intimacy she had been longing for… and fearing.

Could she ever be good enough for You to really love her?  What if the answer was “NO”… ???  Better to never ask…  But one day, she heard Your whisper:  “Come, follow Me.”  And she couldn’t resist.  So she took the risk.  She said, “OK.”

And she will never be the same.

Your Beauty in her is unmistakable.  Some people around her remain unmoved.  They do not understand.  But for some, that Beauty will become irresistible… won’t it, Lord?

The Promise of Spring after the long hard winter.

“Like a lily among thorns is My darling… You are altogether beautiful, My darling; there is no flaw in you… You have stolen My heart…”  (Song of Songs 2:2, 4:7,9)

“And you will be My witness…”  (Acts 1:8)

Yes, Lord.  Crocuses of every kind are extraordinary!

Awed by Your garden,

Abba’s Girl



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