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Sometimes, Lord, You just take my breath away!

And it isn’t all “hot air”!!!   🙂

Like this morning.  I have begun a new season of prayer and fasting.  Forty days of seeking You in new and deeper ways.  I’m on “pins and needles”… feeling a great sense of anticipation.

What are You going to say, Lord?  What are You going to do?

This morning, I started a new prayer journal for these 40-days.  I’m going to carry it with me, along with my Bible, wherever I go. So wherever I am — at work, at church, at play, everywhere — I can write down anything that needs to be captured.

Words of… Wisdom.  Insight.  Inspiration.  Revelation.  Confirmation.

Prayer Requests and Answers… leading to more Requests and Answers still.

This morning, I wrote about a burden on my heart.  About something I see dying.  I am not alone in this observation.  Others see it dying, too.  There is no hope apart from You, Lord.  So this morning, I wrote in my journal:  “Lord, please raise it to Life.”

Then I went to church.

Two passages were read.  Old and New Testament.  With one common thread:  You, Lord… raising the dead to Life!!! 

In the first passage — 1 Kings 17:8-24 — You sent Elijah to a widow on the verge of starvation.  On her way home… to make one last loaf of bread with the meager flour and oil she had remaining.  A final meal for her and her son… before they died.

But You had other plans, Lord.

Elijah said, “But first, make a loaf for me.”  What an act of faith You asked of her Lord!  Elijah first?  He then said her flour and oil would not run out until rain came to end the drought.

And so it was!

How amazing for her, Lord!  Getting up each day.  Seeing flour and oil where none had been the night before.  A kind of “indoor manna” yielding just enough each day to survive. Miraculously provided by You.


But the bigger “WOW” came later.  When the widow’s son got sick… and died.  Elijah cried out:  “Lord, my God, let this boy’s life return to him!”

And You did!

“The Lord heard Elijah’s cry, and the boy’s life returned to him, and he lived.”  (1 Kings 17:22)

We jumped to Luke 7:11-17.  You approached a funeral procession.  The only son of a widow.  Her grief moved You to say, “Don’t cry.”  Then You did the impossible.  You raised this dead son to life!

That’s when it hit me.

Just three hours earlier, in the quiet of our home, I had put my request on Your altar:  Raise this dying thing to life.  And here I was in church… listening to two accounts where You had done just that — raised the dead to life!

Is this Your answer to us, Lord?  What we are to hope for… with the certainty of faith?  That New Life is coming???

“Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength…”  (Isaiah 40:31)

Awestruck & encouraged…  !!!

Abba’s Girl




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