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If you found your way here, it must be by the Lord’s leading!  So, here’s little more about me…

My name is Diana Furr. I am an Author, Speaker and Christian Life Coach. My business experience spans 35+ years – as a senior executive in large companies and as a small business owner. More importantly, I am – by God’s Grace – a woman who has not only survived many of life’s bleakest wildernesses, but one who has emerged from them to THRIVE… sometimes, against all odds.

Who are the clients I am privileged to serve? Christian women who are leaders – women of influence who are limited by their lack of clarity and/or their life-draining secrets. I create a safe place where they can let down their guard, break free from their baggage and become all God has destined them to be.

The women I work with, as powerful and influential as they are, often feel lonely at the top – hiding their struggles / insecurities / secrets / pain behind a mask, so they won’t be perceived as weak… or maybe even unworthy of the leadership that has been entrusted to them.

Have you ever felt like that? Or do you know someone who has?

My clients long for a safe relationship where they can really be honest and have the kind of dynamic interchange that can not only help resolve what they’ve hidden, but propel them forward with newfound clarity, confidence, freedom and passion.

How does that sound to you?

Please feel free to contact me at