God to Skippy… Warp Speed!

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Oh, Lord… Sometimes You just make me laugh out loud! It wasn’t too long ago that we were poised to return to Florida. Closing up our summer retreat house in Virginia and making the trek southward. Back to the warm sun. Before the chilly weather froze me to the core.  🙂 Except for Skippy. The morning we were to leave, she had ripped through the screen on our back porch and escaped. So she could hide in the woods. Knowing we were preparing to depart. Knowing we couldn’t leave without her. We had spent two hours trying to coax her… and, yes, bribe her. All to no avail. She has… Read more »

Happy Birthday to… Who?!

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I was so JOY-FULL, Lord, tears streamed down my cheeks. I felt like dancing! I could hardly wait to sing “Happy Birthday” to this dear brother. On this most precious Birthday. The celebration had been going on for a whole hour before I finally got in on the action. It happened this morning. At church. Our sister church, actually. A few miles up the road. His wife had been a faithful member there for many years. And a faithful pray-er. For her husband, who had never come to church with her before. This morning, to everyone’s shock, there he was. His wife approached the pastor before the service. Could he… Read more »

The Friendly Skies, Indeed!

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I remember this encounter with You, Lord, like it was yesterday. It started with my simple, “Hello! How are you?”  The flight attendant as I entered the plane returned her friendly greeting. I went to my seat in the main cabin and we soon took off. Sometime later, another flight attendant came by with food. Before I ordered, I looked into her eyes said, “How are you today?” She was surprised. Enough to say, “Thank you for asking. People usually don’t.”   We visited for several minutes as she told me about her extended trip — her tiredness, her eagerness to get home — and asked me about my travels, too. She… Read more »

Visions of Sugar Plums… Now?!

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It wasn’t The Night Before Christmas. I wasn’t all snug in my bed. It was a cold April morning… and the sun was sky high. Or was it The Son?  🙂   Sky high, indeed! I did have Visions, though. Maybe not of Sugar Plums, per se… but of Sweet Treats all the same. Treats from You, Lord. Making my mouth — and my spirit — water! “Taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him.”   (Psalm 34:8) We had driven 900 miles. To our summer getaway. I was so tired. My flesh was definitely weak. But my spirit was oh-so-willing, Lord… to savor… Read more »

Blessing My Socks Off!

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It was one of those offhand remarks. A “by the way” comment added to the end of an hour-long conversation. A “by the way” comment that went off in my spirit like fireworks! All because of You, Lord. You and Your Amazing Grace. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” (Proverbs 3:5-6) You had given me an assignment, Lord. A small one. Seemingly inconsequential, but profoundly impactful. I knew You had assigned it to me. But soon, I had the sense You had also assigned it to one of my… Read more »

Surprised by JOY!

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Yes, Lord… Tis the season to be JOY-FULL! How better to spread the WONDER and BLESSING of this most precious season than to BE a living testimony of that priceless hymn? “Joy to the world! The Lord has come!” Your Spirit came on me suddenly as my day of travel began, making my JOY Mission abundantly clear. And You filled me with encouraging words, smiles, hugs (and even a few tangible gifts!) for the van drivers, airport workers, flight attendants and passengers I met along the way. All of them strangers. Until You, Lord, brought us together… … the newlyweds on their way to a loved one’s college graduation… …… Read more »

The 7-Second Difference

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Wow, Lord… A lot can happen in seven seconds. It’s a very short time, but it can make ALL the difference. I found that out the other day when we were riding our bikes along beautiful Bohannon Road. Eleven miles, just over one hour… with lots of shade and no traffic at all. My first 7-Second Difference was what I call “A Sighting.” I glanced up at a particular moment (thanks to You) and saw two large deer galloping across an open field to our right! They had nowhere to hide, so they just ran… leaping as they went. It’s unusual to see such a thing… at least, for me…. Read more »

Black Bear-y Pie!

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We returned to Virginia from Florida late in the day on July 4th. We had emptied my mother-in-law’s house, after its unexpected contract for sale came just twelve hours after the house went on the market. She had been gone for six years. We had memorialized my sister-in-law’s life, after her unexpected passing. She had been gone for ten days. Rites of Passage. Flooding us with precious — priceless — memories, wrapped in tears… and, thankfully, even some grief-relieving laughter. The end of one era. The beginning of another. Because Life goes on… doesn’t it, Lord? We were reminded of this when we returned to our unkempt yard. It had… Read more »

Soaking in WE-ness

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I love a gentle rain, Lord. The kind that makes peace-full sounds as it hits the leaves and the ground. The kind that soaks in, nourishing the roots of Every Living Thing. Even mine. Sometimes, I lift my hands and my face Heavenward… soaking in the WET-ness. Until my dry roots plump up again… and I feel like sprouting! This morning, I was still in bed. Still nestled under the cover of the pre-dawn darkness. That’s when I heard it. That’s when I felt it. The WE-ness. There You were, Lord. And here You are… still. Coming over me like a gentle rain… with Your droplets of Living Water drenching my… Read more »

Heaven to Diana… Come In, Please!

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That’s what it’s been like for the last week, Lord.  Ever since we returned from The Land Down Under. It didn’t take me long to adjust to the 16-hour time difference when we went from Florida to Australia and New Zealand. But coming back??? Someone told me it takes one day to adjust for every hour of time-zone difference.  If that’s true, it would take 16 days until my return to Normal.  Of course, that’s assuming I was “normal” before we left… 🙂 We’re at 7 days… 9 to go. It’s somewhat of a pendulum swing.  From “catatonic” on one side to “laser-focused” on the other.  It isn’t just the… Read more »