Blessing My Socks Off!

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It was one of those offhand remarks. A “by the way” comment added to the end of an hour-long conversation. A “by the way” comment that went off in my spirit like fireworks! All because of You, Lord. You and Your Amazing Grace. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” (Proverbs 3:5-6) You had given me an assignment, Lord. A small one. Seemingly inconsequential, but profoundly impactful. I knew You had assigned it to me. But soon, I had the sense You had also assigned it to one of my… Read more »

Surprised by JOY!

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Yes, Lord… Tis the season to be JOY-FULL! How better to spread the WONDER and BLESSING of this most precious season than to BE a living testimony of that priceless hymn? “Joy to the world! The Lord has come!” Your Spirit came on me suddenly as my day of travel began, making my JOY Mission abundantly clear. And You filled me with encouraging words, smiles, hugs (and even a few tangible gifts!) for the van drivers, airport workers, flight attendants and passengers I met along the way. All of them strangers. Until You, Lord, brought us together… … the newlyweds on their way to a loved one’s college graduation… …… Read more »

The 7-Second Difference

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Wow, Lord… A lot can happen in seven seconds. It’s a very short time, but it can make ALL the difference. I found that out the other day when we were riding our bikes along beautiful Bohannon Road. Eleven miles, just over one hour… with lots of shade and no traffic at all. My first 7-Second Difference was what I call “A Sighting.” I glanced up at a particular moment (thanks to You) and saw two large deer galloping across an open field to our right! They had nowhere to hide, so they just ran… leaping as they went. It’s unusual to see such a thing… at least, for me…. Read more »

Black Bear-y Pie!

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We returned to Virginia from Florida late in the day on July 4th. We had emptied my mother-in-law’s house, after its unexpected contract for sale came just twelve hours after the house went on the market. She had been gone for six years. We had memorialized my sister-in-law’s life, after her unexpected passing. She had been gone for ten days. Rites of Passage. Flooding us with precious — priceless — memories, wrapped in tears… and, thankfully, even some grief-relieving laughter. The end of one era. The beginning of another. Because Life goes on… doesn’t it, Lord? We were reminded of this when we returned to our unkempt yard. It had… Read more »

Soaking in WE-ness

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I love a gentle rain, Lord. The kind that makes peace-full sounds as it hits the leaves and the ground. The kind that soaks in, nourishing the roots of Every Living Thing. Even mine. Sometimes, I lift my hands and my face Heavenward… soaking in the WET-ness. Until my dry roots plump up again… and I feel like sprouting! This morning, I was still in bed. Still nestled under the cover of the pre-dawn darkness. That’s when I heard it. That’s when I felt it. The WE-ness. There You were, Lord. And here You are… still. Coming over me like a gentle rain… with Your droplets of Living Water drenching my… Read more »

Heaven to Diana… Come In, Please!

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That’s what it’s been like for the last week, Lord.  Ever since we returned from The Land Down Under. It didn’t take me long to adjust to the 16-hour time difference when we went from Florida to Australia and New Zealand. But coming back??? Someone told me it takes one day to adjust for every hour of time-zone difference.  If that’s true, it would take 16 days until my return to Normal.  Of course, that’s assuming I was “normal” before we left… 🙂 We’re at 7 days… 9 to go. It’s somewhat of a pendulum swing.  From “catatonic” on one side to “laser-focused” on the other.  It isn’t just the… Read more »

Leveraging The Unexpected

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The Franz Josef Glacier has been receding.  The walk to see just the edge of it now takes 1.5 hours.  Up and down, over rocky terrain.  I “hoofed” it today… and my thighs and calves are complaining tonight! But my spirit is SOARING!   🙂 Not because I was rewarded at the end of the trek with a glimpse of that ancient ice flow.  But because I was rewarded throughout the trek… as the “ice” receded from the strangers I “met” along the way! There must have been scores of them.  From countries too numerous to count.  All with the same objective.  Except me. All because of You, Lord. Today,… Read more »

The Last Empty Seat

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How many people were on that inter-island ferry, Lord?  700?  800? We had driven for several days from Aukland, New Zealand through Lake Taupo and on to the capital, Wellington. Yes… driving with the thrill of being on the left side of the road, with the steering wheel on the right side of the car!  Yikes!  🙂 I am eternally grateful that You, Lord, are NO “co-pilot”!!!  You certainly had Your hands on the wheel… or we never would have made it this far!!!  🙂 We had turned in our rental car and pulled out our tickets for the 3+ hour ferry ride to the South Island.  We boarded somewhat… Read more »

A Bird By Any Other Name

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We finally left it all behind, Lord.  The missed flights and the misdirected baggage.  The extra-long hours in airports and the long walks between gates.  The lost time and the lost opportunities. We spent the last two days in the wilderness.  Fishing pristine New Zealand rivers, with water so clear we could see every rock and every trout.  Wild flowers and wilder terrain.  Only the sound of birds and the wind to break our sanctuary’s peace.  We didn’t see another human being all day. And there You were, Lord.  Unmistakable.  Unhurried.  Unruffled.  Understanding. You knew exactly what I needed. Early in Day 1, I was alone for awhile.  Our guide… Read more »

Rise… And Go In Peace

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A “God-Encounter of the Jesus Kind.” It was yesterday, in church.  During communion. We are fairly new to this particular congregation.  Still experiencing the newness of the way communion is celebrated there. Pew by pew, we all walk forward and kneel at the altar in order to be served. We are a large enough congregation that while one row kneels and receives the bread and cup, another row stands behind them. How did this start?  As a “Disney-esque” way to keep the large crowd flowing smoothly and efficiently? Perhaps.  But yesterday, I focused on a new detail.  Each person in the standing row placed a hand on the shoulder of the kneeler in front… Read more »