Felling Every Giant

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In this new blog, Sundays are Son-days with You, Lord. Reflecting on one of the many God-encounters You and I have shared in the previous week… hoping it will bless others, too. Like this one… She had always towered over everyone and everything around her. A HUGE Blessing. But now she was dead… a Clear and Present Danger. A 70-foot pine tree. She stood on the wooded hill behind us. If she fell on her own, she could take out our house OR the well that supplied our water. The only way to ensure she missed both was to take her down ourselves… dropping her between the two. Piece of… Read more »

The Sore Throat Revelation

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It has been one full week since severe pain first gripped my throat, Lord. Pain like I have not felt before. Making it hard to swallow… and hard to speak. Hard to take in nourishment.  And hard to give it out… in spoken words, at least. Not moving into my head or into my chest. Just isolated to my throat. I thought I knew its source — a dear friend I had seen in the community, who was complaining of a respiratory bug. He may have been a factor. But now, I realize… there was more to it. I had been “treating” the soreness with Three A’s.  Aspirin (to relieve… Read more »

The Politics of Fear… and HOPE!

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Oh, Lord… How amazing it is to see the hardening of so many people’s hearts!  I see them and hear about them in nightly news broadcasts… and all over social media. The raw footage of protesters expressing their free speech. Regrettably, many who are doing so with violent rhetoric and violent behavior. The quiet, yet fervent, assertions of others that we are headed for The End of Civilization As We Know It. The news anchors who pour gasoline on these fires. Ostensibly, because of the outcome of our national election.  But closer to home, I see what is happening in the minds and hearts of people I personally know and… Read more »

Reaching For The Stars!

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I must have gained a new level of Healing, Lord.  By Your grace, of course.  How else could it have happened? You have given me a Message to share.  Some dear brothers and sisters-in-Christ have challenged me to venture far beyond my comfort zone.  By taking the initiative to search out and contact people with… Star Power. Famous people I have never met.  People with national spheres of influence.  People who, ordinarily, would never give me even the time of day. And here’s the thing:  I am not afraid!   🙂 “When you are brought befoe synagogues, rulers and authorities, do not worry about how you will defend yourselves or what… Read more »

The Power of A Near-LIFE Experience

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She wasn’t supposed to be here.  Gianna Jessen. I just “met” her yesterday for the first time.  Through a video of her testifying before a government body in another country. She had been in the womb for 7.5 months when her mother sought an abortion.  Her amniotic sac was injected with saline solution, which should have killed her baby within 24 hours.  Instead, Gianna was born alive.  Weighing less than three pounds. She should have been burned… blind… dead.  She wasn’t.  Nurses rushed her to the ICU in the adjacent hospital.  The abortionist was not present at the time… where he could (would) have used other means to complete his work…. Read more »

Here, Snookie Snookie…

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We’re going fishing today.  I can hardly wait!  It’s the last day of Snook Season.  It doesn’t open again until March. Snook is my favorite fish to catch… and eat!  It’s hard to catch.  Wary… not easily fooled or coaxed onto a hook.  Fights like crazy… even jumping out of the water to throw the hook. Runs for cover under docks or mangroves.  Anything that might cut the line. Delicious, too!  And it can’t be commercially fished.  So the only way to eat it is to catch it… or have a friend catch it and share it.  I haven’t had Snook in the longest time… I saw the cutest home… Read more »

Weapons of Mass Construction

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I love how Your mind works, Lord.  I don’t always understand it… but I love it just the same.   🙂 Like how You choose to arm us for battle.  Because we’re at war… whether we realize it or not. “Be alert and of sober mind.  Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”  (1 Peter 5:8) Warfare in the natural employs weapons like Deception.  Double Agents.  Encrypted Codes.  Embedded Combatants.  So it is never clear who is Enemy and who is Friend. You wage warfare with the Supernatural.  Because the most vital wars must be won from the inside out, with… Belts… Read more »

Sitting Around The Campfire

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Three campfires have been blazing recently.  In my own life and/or the lives of those I love. The first is a global campfire.  Tens of thousands around the world gather every morning to listen to Your Word, Lord… and to pray for each other.  Who would have ever imagined that technology — a cell phone app / ministry called Daily Audio Bible — would make such communion in community possible? How we are warmed to the core with a felt sense of Your Presence, Pleasure, Purpose and Power! The second is our front deck campfire.  Our daytime temperatues in Virginia are dropping quickly now when the sun sets — from… Read more »

The Whole Truth… and Nothing But?

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“Do you swear to tell The Truth, the Whole Truth and nothing but The Truth… so help you, God?” “So help me, God.” It’s what witnesses swear whenever they take the stand in any courtroom.  Where the stakes are significant.  Where their testimony can lead others to a conclusion that can mean Conviction.  Or not. Win or Lose.  Live or Die. So why wouldn’t the same standard — the same oath — not be relevant in any other realm of Life, Lord? Where our testimony can also lead others to a conclusion that can mean Conviction?  Or not? Win or Lose.  Live or Die. The Book You commissioned me to write is well under way, Lord…. Read more »

Chugging A Cup of… Courage!

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Ahhh… What could be more delicious, Lord?! I came to this two-day meeting expectant.  Wanting — needing — a dose of En-COURAGE-ment. I got a cupFULL, Beloved… and chugged it down! “Whoever is thirsty, come to Me and drink.  Whoever believes in Me, as Scripture has said, rivers of Living Water will flow from within them.”  (John 7:37-38) There is nothing like coming into Your Presence, Lord, in the company of others who love You! “For where two or three gather in My name, there am I with them.”  (Matthew 18:20) Is that why You take such great pains, Lord, to encourage us to come together in Your Name? “Let… Read more »