Forever Daddy’s Girl

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 When did it start, Abba? This precious renewal of our Covenant? On my side, that is. Your side of our Covenant never wavers. If I ever feel far from You, it is because I have moved. And even if I have, You move with me. So You are always closer than my next breath, ready to invade my awareness whenever I turn once again to You. A glorious invasion, indeed! I hadn’t written or posted anything here for a month. A tough month, as it turned out. Unexpected home repair projects. Then my husband’s  unexpected bicycle accident. Excuciating pain reduced to tolerable pain. At least another month of healing ahead…. Read more »

Unstuck… In Spirit, If Not In Body!

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Precious Readers… Yes, I’ve been absent the last couple of post days. Just thought I’d fill you in, since it’s pretty unusual for me to not be writing. We’ve been scurrying around, packing for our big move south. Back to our real Home, leaving our vacation retreat behind once again. We were all set to leave yesterday, but awoke to torrential rains. And a roof leak. Yikes (to put it mildly). We waited out the rain… which, by God’s Grace, abated. We repaired the leak ourselves (and cleaned out the gutters, to boot) before daylight ended. We were all set to leave this morning, but are facing an even more… Read more »

The Most Treasured Reservoir

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It’s raining. Again. As it has for the last several days. A treasured reservoir of water. The remnants of Hurricane Florence, making landfall far south of us? Or just a long-overdue watering? Yet another Gift from You, Lord? Whatever its cause, I know what it has become. The inspiration for today’s post. Because as I see and feel those many drops of rain, all I can think about right now is… tears. Elizabeth Barrett Browning said it so beautifully in her love poem. But Your Love Poem to me is so much greater, Lord. Perhaps this is how it goes… How do You love me, Lord? Let me count the…… Read more »

Once Upon A Thief

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He wasn’t a huge bear… was he, Lord? Big enough to keep me safely inside, to be sure. Not big enough to get The Treasure he clearly desired. But his size was never the point… was it, Lord? For what You wanted to teach me, any size would do. The Treasure — aromatic sunflower seeds — hung at the top of our Bear-proof Bird Feeder. Too high for him to reach, at just over ten feet. Suspended from the top of a pole fashioned from three distinct materials — steel, PVC pipe and wood. “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not… Read more »

Hook, Line & Sinker!

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I couldn’t shake her, Lord… and I didn’t want to. It was Skippy, our precious Baby. Soft and purr-y. Cuddled with me, closer than my next breath. Curled up by my ribcage… or by my feet. All evening long. Then, all night long. She must have missed her Mommy-cat. We had been gone the night before. At Lake Okeechobee. Visiting with friends from up north who were passing through. Staying in a motel. Then fishing all day yesterday. We “caught” a great time with our friends. Good food and fellowship. We didn’t catch much on the lake. Only a catfish or two… and a speck that was too small to… Read more »

My Magnificent Meltdown

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It happened just yesterday. I was taking down our Christmas decorations. It wasn’t that I just hadn’t gotten around to it. I purposely left our decorations up for most of January. I’m never in any hurry to bid Christmas goodbye. Thankfully You, Lord, and everything this holiday means stays in my heart all year round. I hadn’t planned it… the fact that my taking ornaments off the tree would turn into a worship service. It just… happened. Isn’t that always the case, Lord, when we set our hearts on You? I had decided to play worship music as I worked. You and I had experienced such a sweet time of… Read more »

My Christmas Assignment

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I didn’t have a Need List that day, Lord… or even a Wish List. I wasn’t coming to you as a Kosmic Kris Kringle. I just wanted to be with You. It was early, well before dawn. I tiptoed through the house into the guest bedroom. Where my War Room (prayer closet) is. But I didn’t suit up for battle. Instead, I did something I hardly ever do. I crawled up on the guest bed. I covered my whole body with a soft blanket… even my head. And I closed my eyes. Like a baby in a womb. So I could focus on You, Abba… without distraction. To be present… Read more »

The 7-Second Difference

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Wow, Lord… A lot can happen in seven seconds. It’s a very short time, but it can make ALL the difference. I found that out the other day when we were riding our bikes along beautiful Bohannon Road. Eleven miles, just over one hour… with lots of shade and no traffic at all. My first 7-Second Difference was what I call “A Sighting.” I glanced up at a particular moment (thanks to You) and saw two large deer galloping across an open field to our right! They had nowhere to hide, so they just ran… leaping as they went. It’s unusual to see such a thing… at least, for me…. Read more »

It Happened at the BP Gas Station…

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Of course it did, Lord. It had to be the BP station… because it was a Blessing that was Providential… Beautiful + Powerful!  🙂 We had stopped there to fill up our gas can. Our car tank was full, but our lawnmower was thirsty. My Honey asked me to go inside with our only cash — $2.00 — and ask for that amount of fuel. I said, “Which pump?” (They were all in use). He said, “Watch where I go.” He went to Pump #4, where a small car sat, empty. (No sign of a driver or passenger). So I went inside. I was Customer #4 in line. Customer #1… Read more »

The Tears We Treasure

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Tears come in all “shapes” and sizes… don’t they, Lord? At least the ones I have cried. The ones You had me describe, in the precious book You blessed me to write: “Sometimes our Valleys are such that crying is not just inevitable, it is altogether fitting and appropriate. To deny our Grief Tears and Anger Tears is to deny part of the very Reality we must face and embrace. Such tears can fill our ‘tub’ to overflowing… inviting us to sink down into them, almost to the point of drowning. Making it seem like we will never laugh again.” (page 64, Victory in The Valley – 7 Secrets to Overcoming Life’s… Read more »