My Magnificent Meltdown

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It happened just yesterday. I was taking down our Christmas decorations. It wasn’t that I just hadn’t gotten around to it. I purposely left our decorations up for most of January. I’m never in any hurry to bid Christmas goodbye. Thankfully You, Lord, and everything this holiday means stays in my heart all year round. I hadn’t planned it… the fact that my taking ornaments off the tree would turn into a worship service. It just… happened. Isn’t that always the case, Lord, when we set our hearts on You? I had decided to play worship music as I worked. You and I had experienced such a sweet time of… Read more »

My Christmas Assignment

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I didn’t have a Need List that day, Lord… or even a Wish List. I wasn’t coming to you as a Kosmic Kris Kringle. I just wanted to be with You. It was early, well before dawn. I tiptoed through the house into the guest bedroom. Where my War Room (prayer closet) is. But I didn’t suit up for battle. Instead, I did something I hardly ever do. I crawled up on the guest bed. I covered my whole body with a soft blanket… even my head. And I closed my eyes. Like a baby in a womb. So I could focus on You, Abba… without distraction. To be present… Read more »

The 7-Second Difference

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Wow, Lord… A lot can happen in seven seconds. It’s a very short time, but it can make ALL the difference. I found that out the other day when we were riding our bikes along beautiful Bohannon Road. Eleven miles, just over one hour… with lots of shade and no traffic at all. My first 7-Second Difference was what I call “A Sighting.” I glanced up at a particular moment (thanks to You) and saw two large deer galloping across an open field to our right! They had nowhere to hide, so they just ran… leaping as they went. It’s unusual to see such a thing… at least, for me…. Read more »

It Happened at the BP Gas Station…

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Of course it did, Lord. It had to be the BP station… because it was a Blessing that was Providential… Beautiful + Powerful! ¬†ūüôā We had stopped there to fill up our gas can. Our car tank was full, but our lawnmower was thirsty. My Honey asked me to go inside with our only cash — $2.00 — and ask for that amount of fuel. I said, “Which pump?” (They were all in use). He said, “Watch where I go.” He went to Pump #4, where a small car sat, empty. (No sign of a driver or passenger). So I went inside. I was Customer #4 in line. Customer #1… Read more »

The Tears We Treasure

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Tears come in all “shapes” and sizes… don’t they, Lord? At least the ones I have cried. The ones You had me describe, in the precious book You blessed me to write: “Sometimes our Valleys are such that crying is not just inevitable, it is altogether fitting and appropriate. To deny our Grief Tears and Anger Tears is to deny part of the very Reality we must face and embrace. Such tears can fill our ‘tub’ to overflowing… inviting us to sink down into them, almost to the point of drowning. Making it seem like we will never laugh again.”¬†(page 64,¬†Victory in The Valley – 7 Secrets to Overcoming Life’s… Read more »

Soaking in WE-ness

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I love a gentle rain, Lord. The kind that makes peace-full sounds as it hits the leaves and the ground. The kind that soaks in, nourishing the roots of Every Living Thing. Even mine. Sometimes, I lift my hands and my face Heavenward… soaking in the WET-ness. Until my dry roots plump up again… and I feel like sprouting! This morning, I was still in bed. Still nestled under the cover¬†of the pre-dawn darkness. That’s when I heard it. That’s when I felt it. The WE-ness. There You were, Lord. And here You are… still. Coming over me like a gentle rain… with Your droplets of Living Water drenching my… Read more »

More Than Coincidence!!!

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Oh, Lord… Sometimes You pour out Your Love like a tsunami! Filling my cup to overflowing… so much so, I almost have to say, “Stop, Lord! Let me catch my breath!” Not really. I don’t want you to ever stop! ūüôā Like Friday. I was driving from Florida to Georgia. On my way to a two-day women’s conference, entitled “The Life of A Victor.” I was scheduled to speak briefly about the precious book You had me write, Lord. The book that is just weeks away from being published. Victory in The Valley – 7 Secrets to Overcoming Life’s Worst and Savoring Life’s Best. I got in my car to¬†begin… Read more »

Wrestling Match of The Ages

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A lot of people are struggling right now… aren’t they, Lord? ¬†Struggling with the world as it is, yes. ¬†But even more so, struggling with the weight of their past decisions. ¬†Wrestling with regrets. ¬†Wanting to make the “wrongs” Right. Or, at least, to find Forgiveness. ¬†Even Reconciliation. I spoke with several such people recently. ¬†People who sense their life in this world is¬†nearing its end. They see the “sand” pass through their appointed “hourglass” with increasing velocity. ¬†Prompting those gnawing questions… What would I change, if I could? ¬†Is it too late for me? ¬†What does The Future hold? ¬†Do the¬†Answers really matter? These struggles are from You… aren’t… Read more »

Our Breakfast Prayer

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We were heading out on another excursion. ¬†This time, via steamboat ferry on huge Queenstown Lake. We showed up for breakfast at our cozy B & B. ¬†It was at the normal time… but the dining room was empty. My Honey got there first. ¬†His brief chat with our hostess must have been Heaven-sent. ¬†When I arrived, he motioned to both of us to come near him. ¬†He asked me to pray for the mother of our hostess. The mom who is dying of cancer. ¬†The mom who has refused more treatment so she can have Quality of Life in the days she has remaining. ¬†The mom who is coming… Read more »

A Bird By Any Other Name

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We finally left it all behind, Lord. ¬†The missed flights and the misdirected baggage. ¬†The extra-long hours in airports and the long walks between gates. ¬†The lost time and the lost opportunities. We spent the last two days in the wilderness. ¬†Fishing pristine New Zealand rivers, with water so clear we could see every rock and every trout. ¬†Wild flowers and wilder terrain. ¬†Only the sound of birds and the wind to break our sanctuary’s peace. ¬†We didn’t see another human being all day. And there You were, Lord. ¬†Unmistakable. ¬†Unhurried. ¬†Unruffled. ¬†Understanding. You knew exactly what I needed. Early in Day 1, I was alone for awhile. ¬†Our guide… Read more »