Very Special Delivery!

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Her email appeared in my inbox last Sunday night. No subject line. A name I didn’t recognize. How many such emails have I deleted, Lord, in these days of hackers sending viruses to crash the hard drives of the unsuspecting? It is only by Your grace that I opened this one, Lord. A Very Special Delivery! And I will be eternally grateful.  She had picked up my book, Victory in The Valley, at a Mayo Clinic Cancer Center in a major city hundreds of miles from where I live. I have no idea how it got there, Lord. I only know it was another Very Special Delivery… by Your hand. She had received a… Read more »

Believing What We Cannot See

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I was told to expect 250. Far fewer came. More than I could count on two hands… but not much more. The precise number You had hand-picked to be there, Lord. The perfect number. The event organizer came to me as we were about to start. Concern and disappointment lined her face. I couldn’t help but think… If only one person on the planet — past, present or future — needed Your sacrifice on the Cross, You would have given Yourself gladly. Even for one. So we lifted it all to You… and I began to speak. Because You had called each of us there by name. On that particular… Read more »

The Atheist I Love

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When did we first meet, Lord? Six years ago? He and his wife bought a nearby home. Snowbirds escaping the cold north for a few months each year. Until sickness and other maladies kept them away. We took full advantage of their early winters here. It didn’t take long for his wife and I to discover we are Forever Family. It’s amazing, Lord, how Your Holy Spirit bears witness so quickly. So we avoid time we might otherwise spend on superficial talk and jump right into the deep end of the pool. Where You are waiting… to take us deeper, still.  🙂 Nor did it take long to discover he… Read more »

Divine Security

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It was one of those once-in-a-lifetime Divine Appointments. No human being could orchestrate it. No “blind luck” or “coincidence” could explain it. And, by Your Grace, Lord… it happened to me. My husband and I were traveling over the holidays. Flying from state-to-state on a Christmas “tour” designed to reconnect us with beloved family in two faraway places. That’s where I ran into Your Divine Security. I was TSA-Preferred Check, as I now seem to be every time I travel by plane. It’s actually quite convenient. Security lines are shorter and move faster, since TSA-Preferred passengers do not have to remove their shoes, belts, coats, laptops, etc. Some people apply… Read more »

The Master Key

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I’m enjoying the rhythm of these Son-days, Lord. Reflecting on our Adventures together during the past week. Thanking You for each Encounter that filled my cup to overflowing! Like this one… I met her for the first time a few days ago. On my front porch. She was there to help one of my neighbors. I was there, key in hand, to open their door for her. So she could go inside and see what needed fixing. We smiled and exchanged small talk until she had finished her tour of their house. She came away with a checklist of minor — mostly cosmetic — tasks to make that house sparkle…. Read more »

Where Was God? – Part 2

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I didn’t know the answer to that question for more than half of my life. I was terminally broken. And the pain of it all was almost more than I could bear. Almost. I came to very brink of life. That place where I believed I could kill my pain by killing myself. I didn’t know how much LIFE and HOPE and JOY awaited me beyond the darkness that enveloped me. Until Jesus came… and pierced my darkness with His Light. “I am the Light of the World. Whoever follows Me will never walk in darkness, but will have the Light of Life.” (John 8:12) Where was God when the tragedy… Read more »

Where Was God? – Part I

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It’s been awhile since I have posted here. I’ve been spending most of my time posting online encouragements to my Book Launch Team for Victory in The Valley. I have also been praying about the ways the Lord is leading me to transform my future postings here. I’m EXCITED about His plan! More on all that to follow… soon! Meanwhile, I have been sitting for the last two days with the shock of it all. The shock of what happened in Sutherland Springs. When, at the precise time I was leaving my small church in my small town in Virginia, brothers and sisters I have not met — yet —… Read more »

Don’t Fake It… FAITH It! (Part 2)

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Part 1 of this post recounts that famous motto, “Fake it until you make it.” And the spiritual seeking of one son who has become embroiled in a cult… transforming him into someone his own family doesn’t recognize. His voice and his countenance have changed… as if he has become a different person. What does one have to do with the other? Everything. Because Ignorance can be Bliss… but not always. As You had me write in my book, Victory in The Valley: “What you don’t know can hurt you. If might even kill you.” On one hand, it’s about this father’s son. In his searching, he has bowed before some very… Read more »

Don’t Fake It… FAITH It! (Part 1)

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You have been speaking to me a lot about Victory, Lord. Inviting me to believe that Victory is possible in every Valley… even if the Valley doesn’t change. Thanks to You, Lord… only You. Is that why You had me write Victory in The Valley? Is that also why I am troubled by what I’ve heard many AA members exhort: “Fake it until you make it” … ???  The first 3 of AA’s 12 steps invite people to… … admit they are powerless over alcohol and their life has become unmanageable… believe a Power greater than them can restore them to sanity… turn their will and life over to the care of… Read more »

It Happened at the BP Gas Station…

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Of course it did, Lord. It had to be the BP station… because it was a Blessing that was Providential… Beautiful + Powerful!  🙂 We had stopped there to fill up our gas can. Our car tank was full, but our lawnmower was thirsty. My Honey asked me to go inside with our only cash — $2.00 — and ask for that amount of fuel. I said, “Which pump?” (They were all in use). He said, “Watch where I go.” He went to Pump #4, where a small car sat, empty. (No sign of a driver or passenger). So I went inside. I was Customer #4 in line. Customer #1… Read more »