The Queen of Cruise Control!

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The speed limit was clearly marked. 55 miles per hour. Everyone else was going at least 70. Suddenly, 55 didn’t seem so fast anymore. Why are there speed limits anyway, Lord? I don’t believe it’s just to “cramp” our style. Aren’t they primarily intended for safety — at least, under normal weather and road conditions? If either of these is compromised, all bets are off. Why was everyone around us violating them? Only You know for sure, Lord. What proved more interesting to me was the dynamic inside our car… all because I was daring to drive at the speed limit. Just call me The Queen of Cruise Control.¬† ūüôā… Read more »

Pitiful, Power-full Parable!

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How could so much effort yield such a pitiful harvest? We thoroughly tilled the soil. Added plenty of natural fertilizer. (Yes. The farmer’s favorite — cow manure.) We planted good seed. As far as we were able to discern, at least. We waited and watched… and weeded. We even assembled bear-grade electric fencing when the plants began to tassle. Long before any ears could have sent out tempting aromas. We know¬†that fence works. We’ve seen plenty of bears… and not one¬†has dared to test its current. Four 24-foot rows of sweet, scrumptious, silver queen corn. Yielding the pitiful harvest in today’s photo. What happened, Lord? We did everything in our… Read more »

Surf’s Up… YIKES!

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If ever there was a time for higher ground, the time is NOW. We’ve had way too much rain in the last week. As much as 5 inches in as many hours. We’re in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Meaning the rain at higher elevations combines with our own. Which produces… FLOODING!!! Like in the above photo. What is normally a beautiful stream to wade and fish, has become a raging river. Raging is an understatement. Not far upstream, two women were swept away in the current. Only one survived. After church today, I went on reconnaissance. Up and down the river. To see how bad it was,… Read more »

Dressed to Kill… !!!

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I don’t mean that colloquial expression: “All dolled up in fancy clothes.” I mean dressed to turn something alive into something¬†dead. Dressed to kill¬†that something, literally. Once and for all. Thanks to You, Lord, this happened to me twice¬†today. Concerning two enemies that needed to be put out of my misery. One was a large stump in our backyard. It started as a little weed a few years ago. From sheer neglect on my part, it grew into a large tree with multiple branches. An unwelcome squatter overshadowing a whole section of lawn. Hurricane Irma took care of some of it in September. What she started with high winds, we… Read more »

What? When? Where? How?

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I’ve been struggling with this post, Lord. Son-day is a time for reflection about my recent encounters with You. One in particular stood out to me the moment it happened. Somehow, I knew instantly it would become the subject of today’s post… … even though I haven’t yet fully grasped all the ways You want to change me through it. I was out of town, in a restaurant with two friends. I love them both, Lord. And we all express love for You… at least, on some level. Only You know fully what is in each of our hearts. Our waiter came. Two things were obvious. 1) He was friendly… Read more »

Beam Me Up, Scotty?!

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I love the tag line AT&T came up with years ago, touting the benefits of the telephone in connecting loved ones separated by long distances:¬†“It’s the next best thing to being there.” I guess for us, Lord, that tag line refers to prayer… right? Without a landline or cell phone in sight. Without a Facebook post or Tweet at our fingertips. Just our hearts connecting with Yours in the split second we turn our focus to You. [Deep sigh.] ¬†ūüôā Tonight, I’m taking another step in this blog space… by learning to go Video! I don’t know all You have planned for this, Lord… but today is a starting point…. Read more »

Beware of “Cyber-Germ-itis”

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It must have been a computer virus, Lord. I didn’t realize they were so… contagious! Yesterday morning, I was supposed to have a teleconference with a dear Forever Sister. I had emailed her the day before with the dial-in instructions. She had emailed me back, saying she had picked up a respiratory flu “bug” and couldn’t talk. We had rescheduled for later in the week. Not before joking about the “cyber hugs and kisses” I had already sent her… that she could return them to me without infecting me. By yesterday afternoon, my throat started getting sore. ūüôā Just kdding, Lord! Not about my sore throat… it is definitely there…. Read more »

Pretzel Thinking

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Pretzels of the twisted kind. ¬†Thinking of the twisted kind. ¬†I heard it just yesterday. ¬†From those who claim to love You, Lord. Even me…? ¬†Not yesterday, perhaps. But I am certainly not immune… “…watch yourselves, or you also may be tempted.” ¬†(Galatians 6:1) We were talking about events in our day. ¬†How, increasingly, the rhetoric against Christians has turned more hateful. ¬†HATE-FULL. ¬†How words expressed in support of what You have taught us, Lord, are being twisted by minds (and hearts) that are calling… what is evil “Good”… what is wrong, “Right.” I heard one at the table say, “I hate them with all my heart!” ¬†My spirit winced…. Read more »

Reaching For The Stars!

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I must have gained a new level of Healing, Lord. ¬†By Your grace, of course. ¬†How else could it have happened? You have given me a Message to share. ¬†Some dear brothers and sisters-in-Christ have challenged me to venture far beyond my comfort zone. ¬†By taking the initiative to search out and contact people with… Star Power. Famous people I have never met. ¬†People with national spheres of influence. ¬†People who, ordinarily, would never give me even the time of day. And here’s the thing: ¬†I am not afraid! ¬†¬†ūüôā “When you are brought befoe synagogues, rulers and authorities, do not worry about how you will defend yourselves or what… Read more »


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Maybe my name isn’t really Diana after all. ¬†Could it be that it’s really Alice, Lord? ¬†That’s certainly how it has seemed these last few days! Like I fell down a rabbit hole and ended up in DownUnderLand. ¬†The place where… … automobile steering wheels are on the right side. ¬†(As opposed to the “wrong” side???) … automobiles drive on the left side. ¬†(As opposed to the “right” side???) … baggage trickles in from distant countries, One-at-a-time, Days apart. ¬†With interior contents — clothes included — soaking wet??? Thankfully, though, it is ALSO the place where… … we finally got to visit with the family we had come so far… Read more »