Forever Daddy’s Girl

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 When did it start, Abba? This precious renewal of our Covenant? On my side, that is. Your side of our Covenant never wavers. If I ever feel far from You, it is because I have moved. And even if I have, You move with me. So You are always closer than my next breath, ready to invade my awareness whenever I turn once again to You. A glorious invasion, indeed! I hadn’t written or posted anything here for a month. A tough month, as it turned out. Unexpected home repair projects. Then my husband’s  unexpected bicycle accident. Excuciating pain reduced to tolerable pain. At least another month of healing ahead…. Read more »

Pure Gold In The Ashes

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You said, Abba, that “a little child shall lead them.”  I know you meant Jesus, who came as The Child and now rules as The King. Yet even today, You are still using little children to lead us… aren’t you? Like this 7-year-old girl I learned about through Janet Parshall. Host of the nationally-syndicated radio show, In the Market. She heard it from an ABC news affiliate in California… and passed it on to listeners who help support her program financially. It’s another one of Your WOW stories, Lord. Stories that inspire us… convict us… and, then, spur us on. Her name is Sophia. She and her family lost everything recently — including… Read more »

God to Skippy… Warp Speed!

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Oh, Lord… Sometimes You just make me laugh out loud! It wasn’t too long ago that we were poised to return to Florida. Closing up our summer retreat house in Virginia and making the trek southward. Back to the warm sun. Before the chilly weather froze me to the core.  🙂 Except for Skippy. The morning we were to leave, she had ripped through the screen on our back porch and escaped. So she could hide in the woods. Knowing we were preparing to depart. Knowing we couldn’t leave without her. We had spent two hours trying to coax her… and, yes, bribe her. All to no avail. She has… Read more »

Unstuck… In Spirit, If Not In Body!

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Precious Readers… Yes, I’ve been absent the last couple of post days. Just thought I’d fill you in, since it’s pretty unusual for me to not be writing. We’ve been scurrying around, packing for our big move south. Back to our real Home, leaving our vacation retreat behind once again. We were all set to leave yesterday, but awoke to torrential rains. And a roof leak. Yikes (to put it mildly). We waited out the rain… which, by God’s Grace, abated. We repaired the leak ourselves (and cleaned out the gutters, to boot) before daylight ended. We were all set to leave this morning, but are facing an even more… Read more »

Be Always Ready to Plant …

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… whenever the wind of the Holy Spirit blows. I’ve known her for many years. We’ve shared many significant life experiences. Graduations. Career moves. Weddings invoking Your name, Lord. It wasn’t until this week that I knew for sure… She doesn’t yet know You. We were in a car for 90 minutes. Just the two of us. Make that three…You were so clearly there, Lord. She spoke about her first child. Four years old. Attending a private, Christian pre-school. Learning about You. Ah, the sweet faith of a child! So open. So eager. So receptive. What precious stories she recounted about this wee one… exclaiming that You, Lord, have created… Read more »

I Said It… But I Didn’t Really Mean It

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Lord, Lord, Lord… These are times that try — i.e., test, challenge — our souls like never before. As a culture, we have been drifting (running?) away from You for decades. Our values (and hearts) shifting away from what You hold dear so we can embrace what we desire apart from You. Why are we surprised when we see what fills our headlines — and breaks our hearts — on a daily basis? I recently talked with a dear brother in Christ. A pastor, actually. He was discussing one of the major shifts taking place in our culture. An issue of sexuality.. and how to find unity where there is… Read more »

The Most Treasured Reservoir

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It’s raining. Again. As it has for the last several days. A treasured reservoir of water. The remnants of Hurricane Florence, making landfall far south of us? Or just a long-overdue watering? Yet another Gift from You, Lord? Whatever its cause, I know what it has become. The inspiration for today’s post. Because as I see and feel those many drops of rain, all I can think about right now is… tears. Elizabeth Barrett Browning said it so beautifully in her love poem. But Your Love Poem to me is so much greater, Lord. Perhaps this is how it goes… How do You love me, Lord? Let me count the…… Read more »

A Masquerade? Or The Real Deal?

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Every day for the past three days, Lord, I have asked You for great favor. For us and for our fishing guides. Here in Sioux Lookout, Ontario. An abundance of Your favor that would glorify You and be a witness of Your Amazing Grace. Why am I not surprised that You did exactly that?!   🙂 Thank You, Lord. The fishing has been amazing! (Of the fin kind, too. Isn’t the best fishing, after all, of the spiritual kind?) We’ve had two guides. The first guy, though young, is pretty experienced. In his 20s. Started fishing shortly after he learned to walk. (Almost). 🙂 We had a great day on the… Read more »

The Queen of Cruise Control!

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The speed limit was clearly marked. 55 miles per hour. Everyone else was going at least 70. Suddenly, 55 didn’t seem so fast anymore. Why are there speed limits anyway, Lord? I don’t believe it’s just to “cramp” our style. Aren’t they primarily intended for safety — at least, under normal weather and road conditions? If either of these is compromised, all bets are off. Why was everyone around us violating them? Only You know for sure, Lord. What proved more interesting to me was the dynamic inside our car… all because I was daring to drive at the speed limit. Just call me The Queen of Cruise Control.  🙂… Read more »

Pitiful, Power-full Parable!

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How could so much effort yield such a pitiful harvest? We thoroughly tilled the soil. Added plenty of natural fertilizer. (Yes. The farmer’s favorite — cow manure.) We planted good seed. As far as we were able to discern, at least. We waited and watched… and weeded. We even assembled bear-grade electric fencing when the plants began to tassle. Long before any ears could have sent out tempting aromas. We know that fence works. We’ve seen plenty of bears… and not one has dared to test its current. Four 24-foot rows of sweet, scrumptious, silver queen corn. Yielding the pitiful harvest in today’s photo. What happened, Lord? We did everything in our… Read more »