God to Skippy… Warp Speed!

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Oh, Lord… Sometimes You just make me laugh out loud! It wasn’t too long ago that we were poised to return to Florida. Closing up our summer retreat house in Virginia and making the trek southward. Back to the warm sun. Before the chilly weather froze me to the core.  🙂 Except for Skippy. The morning we were to leave, she had ripped through the screen on our back porch and escaped. So she could hide in the woods. Knowing we were preparing to depart. Knowing we couldn’t leave without her. We had spent two hours trying to coax her… and, yes, bribe her. All to no avail. She has… Read more »

The Power of A Compelling Witness

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When you’re carrying the weight of the world, you never know who’s watching. You might be changing their life. You recall Jack Phillips, the cake artist in Colorado? Masterpiece Cakeshop owner, who politely declined to design a custom wedding cake celebrating a same-sex marriage? Jack’s life since that fateful day has been no cake walk. The Colorado Civil Rights Commission sought to force Jack to comply or to leave the wedding business altogether. Jack stood firm… losing nearly 40% of his business and over half of his staff. Jack’s six-year legal battle was accompanied by hate mail, nasty phone calls, and death threats. At times, rendering his place-of-business unsafe. In… Read more »

2018’s Hottest T-Shirt Contest?

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The Kentucky Supreme Court could rule on this case any day. Does anyone care? Hands On Originals, founded in 1985, is a t-shirt printing company in Lexington, Kentucky. Blaine Adamson, a key designer, became owner/partner in 2008. The company was bleeding red, over $500,000 in debt. Blaine cried out to God one sleepless December night. He’d done everything he could. Tried every marketing strategy he knew. Without God’s help, the company would fold. On January 1, they were hit with orders. Had one of their best years ever. Business continued to boom. It was like God had turned on His faucet. In December 2011, Blaine paid off all of the company’s… Read more »

Unstuck… In Spirit, If Not In Body!

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Precious Readers… Yes, I’ve been absent the last couple of post days. Just thought I’d fill you in, since it’s pretty unusual for me to not be writing. We’ve been scurrying around, packing for our big move south. Back to our real Home, leaving our vacation retreat behind once again. We were all set to leave yesterday, but awoke to torrential rains. And a roof leak. Yikes (to put it mildly). We waited out the rain… which, by God’s Grace, abated. We repaired the leak ourselves (and cleaned out the gutters, to boot) before daylight ended. We were all set to leave this morning, but are facing an even more… Read more »

Color Me… What???

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Lawsuits take many years to reach the U.S. Supreme Court. Few are even considered by the highest court in the land. Most parties who prevail in such lawsuits are able to finally breathe a sigh of relief. Or so you would think. Not Jack Phillips. As owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, he had declined to use his artistry to create a cake celebrating a same-sex wedding. The Colorado Civil Rights Commission attempted to force him to do so. After six long years of litigation, in a 7-2 ruling on June 4, 2018, the Supreme Court overturned the Commission’s ruling against Phillips. Concluding it was neither tolerant nor respectful of Phillips’ religious… Read more »

When Destiny Comes Into Laser Focus

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Normally, I write about Christian business owners called to impact the marketplace for Christ. Today, I feel compelled to write about a leader in government service… … who discovered God’s palpable Presence — and his own God-given destiny — at a time that should have ended his life. The son of a Baptist preacher, Bernie Webber struggled with commitment to his faith. His father hoped he might enter the ministry at some point. God had other plans. Bernie joined the U.S. Coast Guard. A quiet, humble man known for his integrity. All that changed on February 18, 1952. He was still a quiet, humble man. He was still a man… Read more »

Expecting Victory in Every Valley!

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Earlier this month, Father Shenan Boquet posted an opinion piece in Life Site News online. It is one Christians observation of growing darkness in our culture. And his stirring exhortation that Christian’s develop and exercise authentic Kingdom Power. Consider these excerpts (full article available at https://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/st.-michael-the-archangel-pray-for-us): “… every day Christians are being confronted with ever more extreme moral innovations in the face of which silence or reasonable “dialogue” no longer seems an option… I am far from the only one to note that our culture’s rejection of the old moral consensus is rapidly escalating, and that to even politely resist the new status quo is to make oneself a target of… Read more »

Don’t Play With Fire!

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We all remember one or both of our parents exhorting us with this urgent warning. “Don’t play with fire!” We may not have always heeded it… but we certainly heard it. Amen? Why the warning? Because of the expected consequence. If you play with fire, you’re likely to get burned. Kelvin Cochran took this warning to heart. He took fire so seriously, he decided at the age of five that he wanted to grow up to be a firefighter. Kelvin was born into extreme poverty in Shreveport, Louisiana. That’s where he… First became a firefighter. Worked his way up through the ranks. Became Fire Chief in 1999. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kelvin_J._Cochran It wasn’t… Read more »

i61… Highway to Heaven?

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She is a business owner. Not just any business owner. She’s from the United Kingdom. But which one? See if you can guess. Her business logo looks like an interstate highway sign. i61. Leading to an out-of-this-world destination. Her logo’s inspiration? “The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on Me, because the Lord has anointed Me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives… to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor… to comfort all who mourn…”  (Isaiah 61:1-2) Her name is Deborah. She is my Forever Sister. I met her in church last Sunday. In Central… Read more »

Be Always Ready to Plant …

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… whenever the wind of the Holy Spirit blows. I’ve known her for many years. We’ve shared many significant life experiences. Graduations. Career moves. Weddings invoking Your name, Lord. It wasn’t until this week that I knew for sure… She doesn’t yet know You. We were in a car for 90 minutes. Just the two of us. Make that three…You were so clearly there, Lord. She spoke about her first child. Four years old. Attending a private, Christian pre-school. Learning about You. Ah, the sweet faith of a child! So open. So eager. So receptive. What precious stories she recounted about this wee one… exclaiming that You, Lord, have created… Read more »