Forever Daddy’s Girl

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 When did it start, Abba? This precious renewal of our Covenant? On my side, that is. Your side of our Covenant never wavers. If I ever feel far from You, it is because I have moved. And even if I have, You move with me. So You are always closer than my next breath, ready to invade my awareness whenever I turn once again to You. A glorious invasion, indeed! I hadn’t written or posted anything here for a month. A tough month, as it turned out. Unexpected home repair projects. Then my husband’s  unexpected bicycle accident. Excuciating pain reduced to tolerable pain. At least another month of healing ahead…. Read more »

Moving Heaven and Earth!

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It’s a great expression in our culture. “Moving heaven and earth.” An indicator of going the extra mile on behalf of something or someone. For one businessman, it was more than a slogan. Maybe that’s why one source ranks him among the greatest of Christian businessmen of all time for his contribution to the advancement of the Gospel. His name was Robert Gilmore (RG) LeTourneau. A sixth-grade dropout, RG went on to become the leading earth-moving machinery manufacturer of his day. More than 300 patents in his name. Plants on four continents. Changing the world forever through major contributions to heavy equipment innovation and road construction technology. Working in an… Read more »

Pure Gold In The Ashes

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You said, Abba, that “a little child shall lead them.”  I know you meant Jesus, who came as The Child and now rules as The King. Yet even today, You are still using little children to lead us… aren’t you? Like this 7-year-old girl I learned about through Janet Parshall. Host of the nationally-syndicated radio show, In the Market. She heard it from an ABC news affiliate in California… and passed it on to listeners who help support her program financially. It’s another one of Your WOW stories, Lord. Stories that inspire us… convict us… and, then, spur us on. Her name is Sophia. She and her family lost everything recently — including… Read more »

Pointing Upward… In Houston!

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There’s an expression in our culture: “Those that can, do. Those that can’t, teach.”  I can remember a university professor (or ten?) that resemble that remark. Not Craig McAndrews. He’s an Executive Professor at the University of Houston, teaching at the C.T. Bauer College of Business. And before teaching, he had been an accomplished business executive. Craig spent 27 years experience in sales leadership, corporate education and C-level responsibility. As a seasoned entrepreneur, he also co-founded and operated a retail consulting firm and a chain of mattress retail stores. Think he may have a thing or two to teach about business?   🙂 In fact, he has more than standard fare about… Read more »

From Cracked to Concrete Foundations!

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Joel Dahl calls himself a Second Chance Employer. He gives many ex-prisoners a second chance at life by employing them in his construction company, Dahled Up. Joel knows firsthand how hard it can be for ex-prisoners to get a job. As a former prison inmate, he has been there. So he knows such past mistakes have a way of haunting the present and dimming the future. Joel told The Oregonian/OregonLive that he had “struggled with drugs and alcohol and served time in prison for attempted second-degree assault,” Thankfully, he’s been “clean and sober for seven years.” Joel’s life did a 180 after he embraced Christianity. So when he started… Read more »

Speak At Your Own Risk?

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Today’s “Profile in Courage” is not about a business leader, but a leader majoring in business at one of America’s most liberal universities. Student senator Isabella Chow, at University of California-Berkleley. Isabella is a Christian. And she experienced intense hostility after abstaining from a vote condemning a recent Trump administration proposal. The proposal would adopt a biological definition of sex for the purposes of Title IX non-discrimination or government-assistance regulations. The proposed definition reflects scientific fact. But the Queer Alliance Resource Center (QARC) at UC-Berkeley called on the student Senate to pass a resolution concemning it, claiming it would… “… rob transgender, non-binary, and otherwise gender non-conforming students of their right… Read more »

Safe Space Innovation? Or Revolution?

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News reports in recent years have been filled with images of university students (and outside agitators) shouting down conservative speakers and ransacking campus buildings. Creating “safe spaces” where students don’t have to hear ideas with which they take exception. All in the quest to silence what “the powers-that-be” consider offensive speech. Hmm… Which powers? Maybe that’s why this news item caught my eye. About one university that recently created a different brand of Safe Space for students and local business professionals. Hoping it will spread from the university to the marketplace. On November 9, 2018. Taylor University hosted the Transformation: Truth at Work Conference as a satellite location. This collaboration seems… Read more »

God to Skippy… Warp Speed!

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Oh, Lord… Sometimes You just make me laugh out loud! It wasn’t too long ago that we were poised to return to Florida. Closing up our summer retreat house in Virginia and making the trek southward. Back to the warm sun. Before the chilly weather froze me to the core.  🙂 Except for Skippy. The morning we were to leave, she had ripped through the screen on our back porch and escaped. So she could hide in the woods. Knowing we were preparing to depart. Knowing we couldn’t leave without her. We had spent two hours trying to coax her… and, yes, bribe her. All to no avail. She has… Read more »

The Power of A Compelling Witness

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When you’re carrying the weight of the world, you never know who’s watching. You might be changing their life. You recall Jack Phillips, the cake artist in Colorado? Masterpiece Cakeshop owner, who politely declined to design a custom wedding cake celebrating a same-sex marriage? Jack’s life since that fateful day has been no cake walk. The Colorado Civil Rights Commission sought to force Jack to comply or to leave the wedding business altogether. Jack stood firm… losing nearly 40% of his business and over half of his staff. Jack’s six-year legal battle was accompanied by hate mail, nasty phone calls, and death threats. At times, rendering his place-of-business unsafe. In… Read more »

2018’s Hottest T-Shirt Contest?

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The Kentucky Supreme Court could rule on this case any day. Does anyone care? Hands On Originals, founded in 1985, is a t-shirt printing company in Lexington, Kentucky. Blaine Adamson, a key designer, became owner/partner in 2008. The company was bleeding red, over $500,000 in debt. Blaine cried out to God one sleepless December night. He’d done everything he could. Tried every marketing strategy he knew. Without God’s help, the company would fold. On January 1, they were hit with orders. Had one of their best years ever. Business continued to boom. It was like God had turned on His faucet. In December 2011, Blaine paid off all of the company’s… Read more »